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Sheng-Shu Chang(Sam), the founder, has been driving a revolution in astrology. He has worked to weed those outdated perception of fortune telling, and advocated a campaign of .Revive Ziwei and Re-live the good life・. Over the 30 years research with experiment on vast number of samples, which are over a million life charts, the website can provide distinctly new contents. It is currently the world・s largest website for Ziwei astrology, also the most accurate and trusted website for astrology.

The features in four transformations. But they are not the four transformations (the four :Hua・s; of Lu, Quan, Ke and Ji) (transformations into prosperity, authority, fame and annoyance) inherent in Ziwei Doushu; rather, they are the .modernization of astrology・, .simplification of astrology・, .scientific astrology・ and .application of astrology・.

.Modernization of astrology・: men are born equal, and nowadays man pursues his full human right; in which the sense of value is completely different from that of people centuries ago. The traditional fortune telling is full of discrimination against sex, personality, occupation and life; as such, dreadful wordings like one is born with misfortune, solitude, immorality, mischievousness, uselessness, loss of money, etc. are more than frequently used by crooks as a means to threaten for money. Chang has made a great deal of efforts to decipher the life codes, and unveil the millenary mystery in astrology; and becomes the first guru ever to explain, with modern concept and in completion, why .the fortune telling is accurate about the past, but not about the future; also accurate about the undesired, but not the desirable.; Therefore, has the contents no other websites have, that interpret the traditional life chart completely and in modern wording. Its merit is far superior to that of the other software・s or websites for Ziwei showing off a bundle of jargons and jumbling citations from ancient books.

.Simplification of astrology・: over thousands of years, the astrology is now like jewels mixed with lots of dirt and gravels, and requires deep investigation to separate the true from the false. For people nowadays whose time is money, to make the astrology extremely complicated and mistake its theories so that learners are intimidated is to go against the trend of time. has made significant amount of mind effort to sieve out those mistakes and delete the outdated, complicated and inaccurate elements in astrology, to reserve only the perfect contents that are credible and effective in statistic sense. In a simple, easy and positive way, it leads people to realize the beauty of astrology.

.Scientific astrology・: Sheng-Shu Chang, the famous man in Taiwan・s information technology area, had first contact with astrology since young, later, majored in mathematics at the National Taiwan University, and had over 20 years of experience developing software for the information industry. With the background of astrology, science and technology as well as statistics, he stresses the importance of astrology being scientific, technological and over the internet. His inventions, .Uncertainty Principle of Fate・ and .Relativity of Luck and Misfortune in Fate・ link with two important scientific theorems of the twentieth century; they can fully explicate and examine the entangled questions pending over thousand years: is astrology science? Which astrologic methodology is a science? Which is quackery? And other issues. With these two invented theorems, any questions or absurdity can be verified. This is an epoch making innovation and breakthrough in astrology. Among all tools in astrology under verification through Chang・s extensive experiments, Ziwei Doushu was the only one that passed the criteria of examination, and exhibited high scientific accuracy and resolution to an extreme degree. This is way he chose it for his main object of research and development.

.Application of astrology・: Chang emphasizes .making one・s own fate・, that is to create one・s fortune based on the Ziwei life chart, and break through the limitation of predestined fate. And based on this, among other undertakings, he invented .Setting the chart and Cross referencing・, and filed for patent; also invented the .Three Major Principles・ and .Four main categorizations・, and revised the definition of each star. All these are for the one same purposeXto enable everyone to easily apply the Ziwei life charts to create the fate. Meantime, as the charts accumulate more and more, more achievements are made by experiments to an extent that is beyond previous researchers. It can be said that has achieved in a level no previous men had reached, and is far ahead of all other websites for astrology by at least 30 years. Based on his experimental and statistical results, Chang published five books, which receive great responses from famous people in the business sector, academy, cultural sector, etc. His achievement also attracted the attention and investment of world-class venture capital investment companies. This has triggered a significant revolution in the astrologic field.

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