About Us Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2000 by three senior managers in IT industry: Sheng-Shu Chang(Sam), Shau-Chi Lin and Siu-Ing Chiu. The goal of its operation has been set at the time of founding, to apply their rich experiences in system integration, strong ability of software development, and profound learning about culture, combined with information & internet technologies, to provide clients with customized, in-depth 1-on-1 service over the internet. officially made its way to China in Feb. 2001, and established Co. Zhuzhou Hunan, operating chiefly value added content provision service on internet and mobile phone, with a center for business of integrating post, telecommunication, media and others, as well as software programming, to undertake various software development and to represent the sales line for complete range of Acer・s computers. It is in that local area the first foreign company to introduce high tech.

Because the business grew rapidly, in January 2003 Shanghai branch office was founded to promote the value added content service on Internet and mobile phones.

The company is invested by legal entities like Acer VC IP Fund One (which is in a scale of USD 260 million, with investors combination of Acer Group, 20%, Top managers in Acer, 20%, and large international venture capital investment companies such as Singaporean Government Fund, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nomura Securities, Citibank, Central Investment, etc., 60%), and worldwide known companies like Answer online Co. Ltd., and Avermedia. Shareholders and management team are elites from every field who have over 20 years experiences in the information industry and distinguished techniques. has this English title for it represents .Hero in IT・. It happens also to be a dot com founded in the year of millennia. It is run based on four credos: honesty, efficiency, profit and creativity. The objective of operation is to provide the appropriate environment for each employee to work in, and to offer creative jobs for them to achieve success, which results in the company・s success.

Managing director, Sheng-Shu Chang has distinguished achievement in the international information technology. Before establishing, he had founded the listed company, JetMaster Integration Corp, and was its managing director, in which position he assisted both Chunghwa Telecom and the Postal Administration Office in constructing their island-wide network for official document exchange. He also once was the manager of the Department of System Integration at Digital Equipment Corporation, and a sales executive for Acer Computer・s Financial Business Section.

Mr. Sheng-Shu Chang had taken up Ziwei Doushu since he was young. Later, with the goal .to shatter the traditional superstition and create one・s own fate・, he combined astrology with psychology to construct the unique OPIMD (Online Personality Identification Mechanism & Database) and PCV (Personality Chart Verification), which are accurate to as high as 93%, and have been awarded China patent.

Meantime, he is of high repute in the cultural as well as media sectors in both Taiwan and China. In Taiwan, he published his autobiography Creating Fate: Sheng-Shu Chang・s journey of self-awareness, a novel, Born with Romance, motivation series including On Women・s Life Courses in Technological Ziwei・s View, Mastering People Judgment, Powerful Sales, and others. By cracking superstitions, overturning traditional astrological errors, and revolutionizing the contents of astrology, he combined Ziwei Doushu with the studies of management and inter-personal relationship to set up the world・s largest website for Ziwei astrology. He also frequents as special guest in broadcasted programs, TV programs and lectures in China and Taiwan. Among which, there had been cases he publicly tested and interpreted for celebrities like Jacky Wu, Li Au, and F4. As a specialist, he also did the same to special guests on TV shows like .Date with Roses・ (Hunan TV, China), .Talk about Love・ (Shanghai TV), and so on. In both Taiwan and China, he is an outstanding entrepreneur, writer, IT engineer,

The business of is mainly content provision service on internet and mobile phone and involves with various domains like WEB, SMS, MMS, WAP, music ringing, IVR; it covers the areas both in China, HK and Taiwan. The website set up by the Company has a great number of members in both China and Taiwan, and is the only quality website for astrology that cooperates with China・s five major portal sites (, NetEase,, TOM and QQ), Hong Kong・s two portal sites (Yahoo and, and Taiwan・s sever major portal sites (Yahoo, MSN, PCHome, HiNet, Yam, and Basing the principle of eliminating superstitions, and despising negative and threatening propaganda means, applies Ziwei Doushu to the provision of evaluating personality and life planning; and it becomes the revolutionary website for astrology that heightens Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, it provides tarot, nameology, numerology and other astrological contents, of richness to meet the all-aspect demand of the members. is currently the world・s largest and the most trusted professional website for astrology.

As a content provider, we collaborate, in long-term relationship, with operators in both China and Taiwan. In the traditional media sector, we also interact extensively with media in both areas across the strait: collaborating with the show .Date with the Rose・ at Hunan TV to put out the website for friends making .Rose Forest・, followed by .Talk About Love・ with the show .Life & Fashion in ShanghaiXTalk about Love・Xboth are the creation by cooperation between the internet and media. In the graphic media sector, Shanghai・s EASY magazine, POP Music Space magazine and Urban Beauty magazine have columns, which we cooperate in, and are popular among readers. has become a well-known brand to Chinese Internet surfers in China and all other parts of the world.
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