Health Divination

How is your fitness recently? What details shall be taken care of your body?

I-Ching Divination can predict on either one question in regard to your love, money, career or health. It analyzes the lucks and their changes for you in the coming year as a reference for your near-future decision.

Notices prior to divination:

  • As the old Chinese saying goes: .With sincere believes, the inspiration must be true・, in divination one should be sincere and concentrating, and say in his heart what he is wishing for. What is being asked shall be as specific as possible; ambiguous expressions are inadvisable.
  • Divination is needed only there is doubt. What has been decided or cannot be changed needs not divination; otherwise, it would be a waste of time.
  • Re-divination is unfavorable. Whether the result of the divination is positive or negative, never do the divination again for the same matter. However, it is Ok to have re-divination from a different angle; for example, when asking: .Is quitting company A suitable?・ if there is still doubt in the result of divination, different question can be asked like .Is remaining with company A suitable?・

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