About Master Chang

Sheng-Shu Chang(Master Chang), the founder, has been driving a revolution in astrology. He has worked to weed those outdated perception of fortune telling, and advocated a campaign of .Revive Ziwei and Re-live the good life・. Over the 30 years research with experiment on vast number of samples, which are over a million life charts, the website can provide distinctly new contents. It is currently the world・s largest website for Ziwei astrology, also the most accurate and trusted website for astrology.

He Majored in mathematics at NTU; Seminar for Business Leadership at Peking University. During 20 years of experiences in information technology, developed a great number of software.


Have researched astrology for 30 years, by starting with scientific approach, combining psychology, the study of management and astrology to set up

Chang applied I-Ching and Ziwei Doushu to invent the artificial intelligent program .Chart Setting・( wL ), which is awarded China patent. It can be used on the Internet to verify, with ease, any inherent personality; and over 2 million members have used such verification. He further emphasizes the of cracking the superstitious viewpoint of predestination, and provides the correct method to tell the fortune and to scheme own life for an individual; as such he manifests the good parts in Chinese astrology, and becomes the world・s first guru to crack predestination and promote the making of fate

Director, Institute of Information & Computing Machinery
Chairman of the board, Co. Ltd.
Counselor of H.R. development to Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Council of Labor Affair, the Executive Yuan
Managing director, JetMaster Integration Corp. ] listed corporation ^
Manager of System Integration Department, Digital Equipment Corporation (USA)
Executive for Acer Computer・s Financial Business Section
Creating Fate: Sheng-Shu Chang ・ s journey of self-awareness (a China Times publication)
Chairman of the board, Co. Ltd.
On Women・s Life Courses in Technological Ziwei・s View { Reinterpreting modern Women・s Life Courses (created and published by Wei-Chung Wang)
Mastering People Judgment { Ziwei・s Wisdom for Jobs (a CommonWealth publication)
Powerful Sales { Ziwei・s Wisdom for Jobs (a CommonWealth Publication)
Frequent guest to media like radio and TV shows, and newspaper in Taiwan and China, for example .CTS News Magazine・, Taiwan, .Globe on line・, Unique
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