Modern View of Ziwei
by Master Chang

In September 2000, when was just set up, I was writing on Analysis on Ziwei・s major stars of Yin and Yang・, and I combined Ziwei with I-Ching. By applying the classification method of the latter (that is, from Tai Chi come the two bearings; from the two bearings come the four appearances; and from the four appearances come the eight trigrams) to the division for Ziwei life charts, I divided them into two major categories of Yin and Yang, and subdivided them into four categories, and further on, into 144 kinds of main life charts. Here are the four main categories:
Old Yang: a sign of pure Yang; characterized by being strong, active pursuit for life, sacrificial, love for enjoyment, and high self-esteem.

Young Yin: a sign of growing Ying; characterized by being steady, ability to lead, actively handling matters, being courageous and responsible.

Young Yang: a sign of growing Yang; characterized by being straight forward, unconstrained by formalities, speak quickly and definitely, and being passionate and dedicated.

Old Yin: a sign of pure Yin; characterized by introversion, fond of contemplating, and easily influenced by others.

For the recent two years, I noticed that to understand I-Ching is not easy for most people. In order to facilitate the promotion, I give these four types modernized names, based on the features of life charts:

Action: Being quick and straight into action, without turning around, but with relatively less patience; changes in life are significant; typical of born adventurer and pioneer.

Leadership: People of this type have good balance of action and stillness, good at leading; also capable of leading an action; a born manager.

Support: These are people of passion and brightness; they like to influence others, and speak up their opinion; making great staff, so deserving the title of .Support・.

Adapt: People of mild temper; they coordinate with others easily, and are influenced easily too; the learning environment and process have great influence on this type of people; because of the inborn characters, they are apt to change drastically; but thanks to the steady personality and thoughtfulness, changes do not happen easily; also, they plan their career in good order, so accidents are not very likely.

Having stated the above, I think if the reader has a basic understanding of b ehavior sciences or psychology, he may have the feelings I had experienced while studying Ziwei: first confused, then shocked by why this classification should be so similar to the research of a contemporary psychological guru, Carl G. Jung! The Chinese use a fundamental hypothesis when practicing astrology; that is the personalities and complex behaviors of human being are actually exerted or done in accordance with fixed laws; and furthermore, those characteristics are set once one is born. And modern psychology and the most recent study in genes turn out to prove such hypothesis step by step! In 1940・s, Jung has observed that human behaviors do not happen randomly, but follow certain modes, also develop according to human brain structures. And that everyone is born with specific preference, and to use different thinking process. He then defined two entirely diverse attitudes, or tendencies, which an individual take when facing the outside world: extraversion and introversion. Likewise, he believed that people are born with either extraversion or introversion; such preference would shape their mode of interaction with the outer world. Only that he had no idea as whether the combination of personalities is random or fixed.

His theory had influence on the creation of many psychological measurements of modern time. For example, two women, Myers and Briggs, using Jung・s theory of four bipolar preferences, which are cognition & judgment, extraversion & introversion, sensation & perception, and reason & senses, to divide people into 16 types, developed the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Additionally, the DISC profile evolved from Jung・s theory too; it divides human personalities into the dominance and influence types of the extraversion, and steadiness and compliance types of the introversion. Is that not considerably close to the Ziwei categorization of personal traits I described above? What is more amazing is that the classification of Ziwei life charts has far more sophistication than the DISC, and that the accuracy of measuring the classification using time of birth is extremely high. With the Ziwei method, there is no need for a bundle of aptitude tests with only results scarce like a needle in haystack. There is hardly any gray zone arising from the test. At , we had experimented on 500 thousand life charts with a rate of successful chart settings at 93%, and adjustment rate of 79% for chart lay out. At the same time, life chart lay out solved the problems of twin and of adjustment in case of birth in leap month. It can be said that we rendered the life chart a whole new and modernized value, and brought it from the tool of fortune telling up to a different, useful levelXthis is one thing to be proud of! Also, it is a remarkable discovery that human inborn personality dominates the greater part of one・s behaviors and activitiesXthis, unlike the traditional thinking of predestination, is closer to the genetic theory.

Carl Jung led an extraordinary life. He was once an outstanding student of Sigmund Freud, but broke off the relationship with Freud later, and got on his own way. In his later years, he showed great passion for astrology; he once said, .the analysis of human personalities using psychology is less accurate than astrologic analysis.・ And this encourages many astrologers as well as embarrasses the psychological schools. But, if he had had contact with Ziwei Doushu at his time and found that in the time long ago Ziwei had already been able to use time of birth to classify personalities with accuracy far better than the western astrology, it would have been an influence no less important than that of G. Leibniz・s contact with I-Ching which laid the foundation for calculation machine!

It is already the third year for At this turning of year, we present, as a biggest present for our friends on line, what we have constantly emphasized by .making your own fate・Xthe model for career planning. We finally made it: we verified that Ziwei Doushu would not become less used because we reduced its mystic power; instead, it is elevated because we gave it a whole new, modern sense of value. The life chart is a gift from heaven. It indicates the specific preferences of everyone since he is born, and what thinking process he will use; but it cannot tell when one is going to die, or at what time and how much one will make. These are to result differently according to the environment which one lives in, his learning and the people he contacts. The greatest results from the 2-year operation of is that by experiments, we denied the fallacies of fortune telling, also, confirmed of the meaning of life chart; and only this is the real .constructing fate・Xto create one・s own fate by understanding life chart first. I would like to reiterate that in life chart there is no good or evil; and right or wrong is the result of efforts one makes when he lives, and by no means predetermination!

The meaning of science is being dared to overthrow yesterday・s me by today・s me, and to doubt at the undoubted. Therefore, we welcome you to come to to join the research and shatter the traditional and erroneous astrology. Let us scrub the dirt off Ziwei Doushu and let it shine again as a great Chinese invention, and make it known to the world!
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